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Born in Tel Aviv in 1954, I initially studied fine art in Jerusalem before moving to England in 1978 to develop my creativity further at the University of London – Sir John Cass School of Art. Over the next four years I developed my technical artistic ability and my own personal style in both paintings and ceramics.

Although a small country, Israel is well endowed with both natural beauty and rugged landscapes which captivated and inspired me from an early age, instilling a special spirituality and respect for nature that still remains with me today. Not surprisingly, my work as an artist has always been influenced by my passion for nature and you will see many examples of landscapes in my paintings gallery, as well as wildlife, flora and fauna in the images gallery.

As a young artist I travelled widely for inspiration and soon realised that my creative output would be enhanced by a new tool – one that would be more responsive and immediate – a medium that would allow me to capture images that only last for a split second. I immersed myself in the complicated and expensive world of photography. The sacrifice of time and money was indeed worthwhile and as a medium, photography has allowed me to capture many exhilarating moments that nature has given me the privilege of witnessing. As an artist, photography has complimented the slower and more gradual process of my first love - painting, giving my output a greater depth and diversity.

In the 1990’s I was introduced to Africa, a magical and enigmatic continent that continues to excite and captivate me to the present day. The overwhelming abundance and variety of wildlife, the spectacle of life and death, and the unique changing light that occurs throughout the long African day are unforgettable and as an artist, truly inspirational. The addiction after my fist visit was so strong that I returned time after time throughout the decade, spending months in the African bush witnessing and capturing many wonderful scenes – sometimes brutal, sometimes tender, always about the struggle for survival.

It is very satisfying that my paintings have been acquired over the years by private buyers and that I have had the opportunity to exhibit my work in Tel Aviv, London and Sydney and now to a wider audience over the World Wide Web.



More recently, a large portfolio of my images have been acquired by the subsidiary of a major UK bank that is involved in promoting Social Responsible Investment (SRI) for their offices in London and Bristol. SRI allows us all to save for the future by investing in the shares of companies whose activities will not damage the world and its wildlife, or the society that we live in. The particular collection of my images that were acquired provides a visual reminder of the critical need to promote and encourage sustainability and conservation in order to protect the world in which we live.

I look forward to hearing from you if you wish to find out more about my work and I also hope that you have enjoyed visiting my website.Contact.


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